Order Processing

Plants are sold in the following sizes and quantities:

plug-trays M84


84 plants in a plug-tray

On customers’ request plug trays are trimmed

pot 0,5 L (p9)

pot 1 L (p1,1)

pot 1,5 L (c1,5)

pot 2 L (c2)

pot 3 l (c3)

Ways of preparing dispatchments:

Wooden pallet boxes
(Dimensions 1,2m x 1,0m x 1m)

Quantity of plants packed into pallet boxes:

multiplaty - 30 szt. bottom paleta, 36 szt. top
p9 - 700 szt.
p1,1 - 400 szt.
c1,5 - 250 szt.
c2 - 200 szt.
c3 - 120 szt.

CC transport cart

Moveable shelf number depends on the plants size.

Ilość roślin na półce:

multiplaty - 4 szt.
p9 - 84 szt.
p1,1 - 60 szt.
c1,5 - 36 szt.
c2 - 27 szt.
c3 - 20 szt

Retail orders are packed into cartons.

Carton size depends on the plant quantity and pot size.

The rest of plants are available in:

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Placing an order

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