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Kusibab-Wyka about company

Our farm was founded in 2007. Created out of the desire to produce the highest quality nursery material and it has also been spreading knowledge about fruit and ornamental plants.

Continuous work on the appropriate species and varieties selection and meeting our customers’ expectations has allowed us to significantly expand the production scale. By taking the industry lead and we have established the position of one of the leading producers of seedlings on the European market.

All plants produced by us are propagated by rooting micro-cuttings. Cooperation with PLANTIN® , from whose laboratory come the tissue culture and the starting material for our production, gives us confidence that we can meet the highest standards in plant production.

The plants we propagate are virus-free and checked for varietal compatibility.

We cordially invite you all year round – Aleksandra Kusibab-Wyka and Marcin Wyka